Screenshot of Marcijuš Studio website.

Marcijuš Studio

Marcijuš Studio are wedding photographers who love spontaneity, creative focus, black and white photography. The site runs on WordPress, DigitalOcean, and Cloudflare.


  • Managed and configured existing WordPress project.
  • Added new features to a premium Flotheme Mimal, and later Flotheme Kyoto.
  • Fixed issues and bugs along the way.
  • Hosted the website on DigitalOcean.
  • Used Cloudflare to improve the security and performance.

From Testimonials

Here are some kind words about my work from clients. Although I collaborated with clients from more than 10 countries, most of them came from The United States and Germany.

From the Portfolio

Here are the projects that I am most proud. Built with WordPress, Shopify, Eleventy, Jekyll, and Hugo, among others.