What I learned from my GitHub profile

GitHub profile is often recognised as a developer’s portfolio. It reveals how often do you contribute, and what kind of projects do you like. But what else could we discover from a GitHub profile? Here is what I learned.

This analysis doesn't include repositories from my clients.

GitHub profile

Here are some facts from my Contribution activity graph:

  • I commit a lot.
  • I commit often.
  • I produced more than 7 commits per day in the last year.
  • I produced almost 10 commits per day in 2018.
  • I started with remote work in June 2017.
  • I had two notable working gaps while struggling to find a gig: first one in autumn of 2017, the second one in spring of 2018.
  • I had only one week without a single contribution this year.


Sourcerer is an open-source project that gives a visual overview of your GitHub profile.

“Sourcerer is a visual profile for SWEs that analyzes and derives your abilities, preferences, and habits from your commits and source code.”

Here are some facts from my Sourcerer profile:

  • I produced more than 3k commits.
  • I wrote more than 1,8 million lines of code.
  • I wrote more than 1,5 million lines of CSS.
  • I wrote more than 90k lines of JS.
  • I wrote only 1,7 lines of jQuery.
  • I wrote more than 64k lines of HTML.
  • I wrote more than 8k lines of PHP.
  • I practised Gulp as a tool the most.
  • I practised pug as a template engine the most.
  • I was most productive during the day.
  • I wrote the code during the weekend.
  • I favour spaces for indentation.
  • I favour the camelcase for variables.


I came to a few conclusions based on facts from my GitHub profile:

  1. I work too much. I work on weekends. According to Sourcerer, I am most active on Sundays. 😱
  2. More than 90% of my code is CSS. I must be a real CSS developer. 💯
  3. Coding is my hobby. Although this analysis doesn't include my paid engagements, it says how much I like to spend my free time. I spend my free time writing code. 🤔

Although this information is intimidating, I do not think I work too much. I mean, I work much, but I enjoy doing it.

Happy coding, everyone!