Another year is over, and it is time for the annual lookback.

This article is written from a technology perspective, meaning that I wrote about technologies and tools used last year.

Static Site Generators (SSG)

Last year I worked on a few projects that were built using static page generators. Hugo and Jekyll were the frameworks in use for these projects. Also, I recently moved my site from Hexo to 11ty. If you ask me which one is the best, I could only tell you that Jekyll isn't. The site that runs Jekyll grew in size and Jekyll is having trouble building the site. On the other hand, 11ty and Hugo are much faster, but the gold medal goes to Hugo.


Last year I worked on a couple of WordPress projects. That information makes me happy, to see a lower number of WordPress projects. However, I still get many offers for those kinds of projects.

The first WordPress project is an ongoing collaboration where I maintain and develop small features. The other one was the short gig where I had to improve one site's visual and performance characteristics. The site was built with Divi. I cannot say I hated it, but I didn't enjoy it. I think the client wouldn't even hire me if they knew I wrote an article explaining why page builder might be a bad idea.


Last year I worked on only one Shopify project. I am not sure why Shopify is so popular. You have to be a magician to make some serious development in Shopify. I wish they allow more control to developers over the site in the near future because the Developer Experience (DX) is at the lower end.

Side projects

Last year I stopped one side project after one year, Code Line Daily. The site is still running, but no new content has been added since August. My commitment to the project is no longer present. I still use the browser extension which shows a random line of code for me. ♡

I started a new project last year, and it wasn't a success, but it wasn't a failure either. I guess I didn't commit myself to this project fully, too. I wanted to start the mentoring business by offering my professional advice and charging for it. I have a couple of students which I mentor to this day. It makes me smile when I see their excitement and progress, so I guess I did at least something right.

As a part of my mentoring program, I started a newsletter about User Interface (UI) development. Running a newsletter is not an easy task, but I enjoy it. I read articles all the time anyway, so I am happy to share my findings with others. I already published 40 issues, and I have 60 subscribers so far. I never ran any advertising campaigns for the newsletter, but I guess I should.


Last year I wrote 10 articles. I am determined to write more this year. I have so many drafts, some outdated and just not good enough, but I think I have something to show to the community.

I redesigned my site twice last year. I hope I don't do it again this year.

Since I wasn't that active, I didn't gain much recognition from the community. The number of followers was higher, but nothing significant.


2020 was a solid year for me. I could complain, but I don't think anybody wants to hear about it. I am thankful to be working in an industry that is not affected by the global pandemic.